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Global Sustainable Youth

eacea logo2At the beginning of October 2011 the Association ZOJA signed a contract for the project 'Global Sustainable Youth'. The project started on 1 November 2011 and lasted until 30 October 2012. The project involved six partners. Next to the leading partner Association ZOJA, the partners from Malta, Turkey, China, Cambodia and the Philippines were working on the project.

The aim of the project was to address young people and youth workers on all aspects of sustainable development and global climate change. Through these topics, we encouraged creative and innovative teaching methods, long-term international partnerships, acceptance of multiculturalism and learning. In addition, we encouraged youth mobility and developed the awareness of global climate changes and sustainable development. We developed skills, meanings, resources and knowledge about informal learning.

This was achieved through a variety of activities, such as:
• Seminar to raise awareness about global climate change and sustainable development
• Youth Exchange
• Study Visit
• Evaluation meeting
• Internet sites and applications
• Promotion of good practices

The main products respectively activities were carried out in four stages, in different countries. Those were: seminars, study visits, youth exchange and evaluation meeting. During the project we established internet portal, bringing together participants and allowed them to directly participate in the preparation of content and promote good practice so that as remaining projects.