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TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION hub for environmental and energy technologies and sustainable development

energy hub logo"Technological innovation hub for environmental and energy technologies and sustainable development - EnergyHub" is the consortium that tries to influence more efficient energy use, to introduce of new sources of energy and reduce the impact on the environment. We want, together with other partners, to build a strategic partnership to generate clean energy, energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

The goals of the consortium

• strengthen cooperation between economic operators and academic institutions with the aim of transferring research and development (R&D) work in the economy;
• promote the development of new more advanced and more efficient technologies and products with a lower burden on the environment, efficient use of energy and natural resources, secondary and waste products;
informing target groups about the scientific technological developments, achievements and development of technological solutions and opportunities; promote the development of excellence (providing management, methodological, programming, technical-technological, organizational inventions and innovations);
• the use and development of new technologies for the utilization of alternative energy sources and the commercialization of research results;
• increase the awareness of the target audiences of more efficient use of energy and the use of alternative energy sources and other environmental topics;
• ensuring the coordinated operation of all partners in order to avoid duplication of activities and with synergy efficiently achieve the desired results of the project

Activities of the consortium

• recording of members
• informing, integration and organization of thematic meetings
• consultancy, technical assistance
• assistant at protection of industrial property
• organizing of tenders
• training and education in the field of innovation activities

Target groups

• Economic sector (entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises, SMEs and large enterprises): presentation and instructing with the latest technologies and legislative , new business channels and market niches and opportunities to conduct new research and development activities in the field of operation of the consortium;
Middle, basic and higher education: animation workshops, public presentations, printed materials to raise awareness of young people in the field of energy efficiency and general environmental topics and to promote the active participation;
Innovators: support to the individuals who are active on development and research field for the stimulation of an introduction and transfer of ideas and innovative solutions in the industry;
Individuals: public presentations and individual consultancies for individuals or specific interest groups that have problems of access to the latest development of technological products and data on relevant legislative procedures;
Public education and research institutions: to increase mutual cooperation and improving the flow of knowledge by involving institutions in the preparatory and advisory services for the new product development, promotion of their link with the economy as well as the joint implementation of research activities.
• well-established organizations that already work on the field of execution of activities for many years represent consortium partners:


TECES, Technology centre for electrical machines primarily covers the area of research and development of marketable products such as: new concepts for electric motors and electric drives, drive systems suitable for installation in hybrid-electric and electric vehicles and vessels, converters of power electronics and related kits for solar cells, wind and hydro power plants, etc.

It also acts as a link between businesses and educational and research sector in Slovenia as a coordinator in the management and coordination of joint projects, as well as a knowledge institution with its own R & D infrastructure and expertise to provide support to interest group in developing innovative products.

More: http://www.teces.si

ZRS Bistra Ptuj

ZRS Bistra Ptuj as a technology centre provides an important core of researchers in the area of lower Drava region and encourages the development of both local communities and enterprises. Our mission is to provide access for SMEs to relevant knowledge, newer technologies, research results and other services they need for their growth and their own development. Close cooperation with researchers from the faculties within universities and developers in research groups in companies is focused on R & D and industrial projects in the field of environmental technologies. R & D activities are primarily focused on renewable and alternative energy sources to establish the autonomy of the region and reduce CO2 emissions.


Društvo za ekološke in prostočasne dejavnosti ZOJA

Association for Ecological and Leisure Activities ZOJAPtuj is a non-governmental organization founded in 2005. The activities of the association are focused on the field of the environment, our coexistence with it and its sustainable development. We perform different types of activities. Of those which mean socializing in nature, as e.g. cleaning actions and execution of projects, which require some technical knowledge. These are primarily the projects in the energy sector with a focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Our projects include the activities of information, awareness, education, consulting, working out of studies, organizing public presentations.

More: http://www.trajnostnirazvoj.si

RTC Zavod za avtomobilsko industrijo Maribor

RTC Institute for Automotive Maribor operates in the field of research and development for the automotive industry, as well as other entities. The Institute is a non-profit oriented. The Institute has an excellent and rich reference list. Recently, the Institute focuses on advanced technologies in the construction of new types of buses with the aim of reducing pollution of the environment and rational use of energy in transport. In almost all larger projects in the past, the RTC was also innovative in field of their work and left such achievements to its partners in use. Otherwise one of the basic orientation of the RTC is transfer of knowledge into practice, therefore it cooperates closely with the University of Maribor and other institutions.

More:  http://www.rtc.si

Obrtno-podjetniška zbornica Slovenije

Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia is the central institution of knowledge, training and advisory services for craftsmen and small entrepreneurs. The most important tasks of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia are consulting on entrepreneurship, keeping a register of craftsmen and entrepreneurs, informing its members through information networks and magazines “Podjetnik” and “Obrtnik” as well as other media. The Chamber provides for regular and supplementary professional training of its members, various consulting and integration of economy and science. That is especially task of the Committee on Science and Technology at the Chamber. The Chamber It .

More: http://www.ozs.si