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GLOBUS - Transnational meeting in Brasil

ILHÉUS-BRAZIL 28/06/2019

As we reached the end of the two year Globus Project the overall Project was evaluated under the following sub headings.

Capacity Building

Workshops and trainings were conducted in all locations for project participants and youth of the respective countries. Participants have learnt the knowledge of business planning, conceptualization of business idea, taking startup from idea to realization, budget and finance and budget planning for businesses.This experience was fullfilling

Culture Awareness and Exchange

In each country, Project participants visited local startups, local businesses, incubators as well as meet up with local government. Culture nights were held in each leg to allow participants to showcase their local food, clothing, handcraft, products, traditions, culture and national symbols. Participants have to overcome cultural diferences and language barriers, and at the end, all participants make
friends with each other, and home visits and future meetups have been arranged. The exposure to local challenges have also given participants opportunity to exchange ideas on how to solve some of the local challenges in innovative ways that would otherwise not possible.Global Enterpreneurs

Project participants worked in groups on a number of business ideas. Whenever the participants convene at each leg of the Project, the business idea gets further developed, tested, worked on. And some of the projects have been into pilot phase of market testing and may turn into profitable businesses addressing local challenges and unmet needs.

Fund and Grant Raising

Trainings and workshops were conducted to teach participants on how to look for Project partners, government grants as well as investor fundings to enable capacity building for NGOs. Overall we were made aware of importance of tolerance, team work and cultural sensitivity in order to work in harmony with each other.

Globus Brazil - Project Final Leg

The project was devided in three different parts. The first part was already happening in Sao Paulo where project participants gathered before coming to Ilheus. The biggest part of the project was happening in Ilheus. In Ilheus we visited CEPED, Cocoa Farm, Meeting with Health Secretary, Experience and exposure with local people, culture and best practices, besides making new friends.

The third part of the project took place north of Ilheus, in city of Salvador. Part of members who showed more interest in business activities of local tourism was there and carried out activities with local memebers and job shadowing person there.

Unfortunately we had some issues like bad weather, due the winter tropical time, some days were raining. Language barriers and budget too tight as it was the last leg of the project.

In general the Community had a very good reception to the project partners and participants, contributing to the success of the local meeting and all the activities in the Agenda.

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Local workshops on startups and sustainable tourism

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