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GLOBUS - Transnational meeting in Slovenia

Slovenian part of the project GLOBUS took place from 23rd June till 1st of July 2017 in Camping Menina and in Ptuj.Workshops were mainly done by group work. Usually in three groups, wher results were later presented to everybody and wee discussed.

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EKWB is a high tech company. A start up company that grew up 12 years ago from the idea of water cooling systems for computers. Now is one of world wide leaders in this segment. A start-up mentor, a business angel to the person who came with business idea for EKWB company is mr. Matjaž Krč, who is a tutor, mentor and lecturer for start-up workshops at our project. Mr. Krč is also a CEO of EKWB.

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After capacity building activities there were workshop with start-up mentor. We managed to combine the workshops about capacity building with start-up workshops. Project ideas for tat were proposed at capacity building workshops about applying for grants, we managed to connect with start-up business ideas development.

Part of the start-up workshops was dedicated to follow-up activities from Singapore.

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Also digital marketing workshops were directly connected to the capacity building activities and start-up workshops. During these workshops, participants prepared a marketing strategy and documents for promoting their business ideas (posters, brochures …).

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Our activities were presented to the public. We held our workshops in the camping area where we interacted with local people and with the tourists which were there. International evening was prepared as an open event for everybody. During our work we also met young ‘entrepreneurs’ who were selling some stuff in the camp. We talk with them and teir parents and explain them what is the aim of our project.

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We visited also local attractions and cultural heritage. We took rafting on Savinja river and we visited museum at the Ptuj castle. Among myny things there is an exibition of the local mask Kurent and its village tours/walk which are part of the UNESCO heritage.

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