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GLOBUS - Transnational meeting in Singapore

Global Business or simply Globus had its kick off meeting in Singapore from 18-25 February, 2018. Globus is a project co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Administration (EACEA), part of the Eramus+ program of the European Commission. The group is comprised of six countries, from 3 different continents. Headed by the Association ZOJA from Slovenia representing Europe, Brazil from South America, and from Asia are Maldives, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

To fulfill these objectives, activities include workshop from Business Angel for the participants and the local community. Visiting best practice case companies. And group work amongst the participants on business development and proposal writing.

During the Kick off meeting in Singapore, topics and activities for the week included:

  1. Overview and discussion of what the project is all about and setting expectations about
  2. KickStarter Workshop from business angel Matjaž Krč
  3. Visiting a local start up company
  4. Digital Marketing workshop
  5. Intercultural Evening exchange.

1. Overview and discussion of what the project is all about and setting expectations.

Led by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. of ZOJA, he discussed with the group what the project is all about and the its main objectives.

The group discussed:

  • Budget and co-financing the project
  • what are the requirements to be submitted and expectations from each partner country
  • what are the activities that needs to be fulfilled
  • schedule for the next 2 years
  • Capacity building of CSO’s and NGO’s
  • SWOT analysis presented and discussed

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The group also had a discussion of their expectations, clarifications, what they want to learn about, and how was the experience of the meeting with the group for the first time.

2. KickStarter Workshop from Business Angel mr. Matjaž Krč

During the week, the the group actively participated in the Kickstarted workshop on Start ups and business development by the project’s Business Angel, Matjaž Krc from Slovenia.

Topics discussed were:

  • - How to start a business from the development of an idea
  • - How to conduct a SWOT Analysis
  • - Awareness programs on innovative and state-of the art business skills
  • - Artificial Intelligence and future business environments
  • - Mastering the 7 essentials of High Growth Companies
  • - Importance of Branding and how to brand. (shared how Ek Water Blocks developed their brand in the market)

During the workshop the participants had to come up with their own business idea and develop it as the workshop progressed. Matjaž then guided them as they presented and developed their ideas based on the tools presented in the workshop.

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3. Visiting a local start up company

The group met with entrepreneur Robbin Tuerlings, CEO of The Sartup Buddy, Investeur in the co-working space Technopreneur Circle. He shared with the group his journey as an entrepreneur, the challenges he faced and the process of establishing a business in Singapore. His company The Startup Buddy is a completely online accelerator that provides startup founders and their teams with curated content, guidance on building a pitch deck and toolkits to guide them through their startup journey. These toolkits include Mentors, a Value Proposition Canvas builder and much more with the added ability to collaborate with team members. Their goal is to provide these essential support, resources, and knowledge to all start up entrepreneurs, and innovators through their online platform which is accessible for any entrepreneur or innovator anywhere, anytime.

Meeting with one of the local small entrepreneur, a Travel agency/agent. Discussion about the situation in tourism sector in Singapore. In last five years, almost 700 tourist agencies were closed down, due to the situation at the tourist market.
Reasons include changes in consumer travel habits and the increased presence of online booking websites such as Trivago and Expedia. While large agencies seem better equipped to stay the course, the smaller players are finding it much harder to stay afloat.

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4. Digital Marketing Workshop

Another workshop the group had was an introduction and importance of Digital Marketing, Branding – logo design and taglines by Kristine Balmes from the Philippines. During the workshop the group was divided in to two groups and was tasked to design logo prototypes for the GloBus project. The logo developed by the groups will then be used as the official logo of the project.

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5. Intercultural Evening exchange

One of the highlight activity of the project is the “Intercultural Night”. During this activity participants showcases food, crafts and products, traditional wear or national attires from their country. Cultural programs that not only allowed the participants to introduce their own culture, but at the same time learn from other cultures.

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