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Slovenian part of the project GLOBUS took place from 23rd June till 1st of July 2017 in Camping Menina and in Ptuj.Workshops were mainly done by group work. Usually in three groups, wher results were later presented to everybody and wee discussed.

Global Business or simply Globus had its kick off meeting in Singapore from 18-25 February, 2018. Globus is a project co-funded by the Education, Audiovisual and Cultural Administration (EACEA), part of the Eramus+ program of the European Commission. The group is comprised of six countries, from 3 different continents. Headed by the Association ZOJA from Slovenia representing Europe, Brazil from South America, and from Asia are Maldives, Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

To fulfill these objectives, activities include workshop from Business Angel for the participants and the local community. Visiting best practice case companies. And group work amongst the participants on business development and proposal writing.

The GloBus project was held at the Philippines last January 26 to February 3. Activities, workshops, and events took place in Balanga Bataan in cooperation with JCI Bataan, in the partnership with Orani Local Government Unit, the Governor’s office, Department of Trade and Industries, Department of Tourism, Colegio de San Juan de Letran Bataan, and the Mayor’s office of Balanga.

Globus PH Leg served as a gateway of opportunity for the delegates from Brazil, Singapore, Slovenia, Vietnam, Maldives, and the Philippines to understand Filipino Culture, Government, Commerce, Tourism, and Trade. As well as learn entrepreneurial skills from Business angel Matjaz Krc and project proposal writing from Miran Kojc.

ILHÉUS-BRAZIL 28/06/2019

As we reached the end of the two year Globus Project the overall Project was evaluated under the following sub headings.

Capacity Building

Workshops and trainings were conducted in all locations for project participants and youth of the respective countries. Participants have learnt the knowledge of business planning, conceptualization of business idea, taking startup from idea to realization, budget and finance and budget planning for businesses.This experience was fullfilling

HANOI - 15 - 22.10.2018

GLOBUS project is co-financed by European Commission “Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency” from programme Erasmus+. The project attaches the participation of 6 countries (Singapore, Maldives, Slovenia, Brazil, The Philippines and Vietnam) with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship among young people and developing capacity of youth organizations and promoting cultural exchange among those countries.

The Globus project starts in the fall which is considered as the most beautiful and charming time in Hanoi with warm sunlight and leaves change color. After the welcome day (15.10.2018), 16.10.2018 was an introduction meeting for participants to introduce about their own projects and social impact created in each country. In the afternoon, we have had the section of briefing about informal education and training to build capacity in start-up for young people which is the key of the project.

MALDIVES, From 12-19 th April 2019

globus meet maldives logo sl1Participating members for 5 th Leg of the Globus project co-funded by Erasmus + arrived Maldives on 12 th April 2019. The inaugural event was held at H. Haifa by Deputy Minister of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment Mr. Azmeel was the chief Guest. At the inaugural event, Chief Guest, Mr Azmeel, President of Addu Women’s Association (AWA),project country leader Dr Mariyam Shakeela, and Globus Project leader Mr.Miran Kojc gave some remarks about the project.

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