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GB Final Bus and Earth Logo resizedGLOBUS project in project co-funded by EU Programme Erasmus+. It is KA2 action, Capacity building in the field of youth project. The project name GLOBUS comes from the combination of two words, Global and Business. The project in general follows two main aims.

These are:

  • encouraging of the entrepreneurship among young people
  • capacity development of youth organizations and their members

To achieve desired results, we'll carry out several activities and cooperate with different stakeholders. One of the important stakeholders are policy makers in the field of entrepreneurship and employment of young people in each participating countr. With the activities for capacity building for the organization we wish to help youth organizations to become more developed, skilled and more self-sustainable in a way of financial independence.

Energy accounting is one from among more important building blocks of energy management. In general, energy accounting allows you to:

• monitoring of energy use and of other energy/ecological pointers in buildings;
• monitoring of costs for energy in buildings;
• determining of larger discrepancies from average values of energy use and determining of causes for them;
• insight about energy systems in companies and in buildings;
• gathering of suitable data in one place;
• efficient gadget and starting points for the further measures of efficient energy use.

eacea logo2At the beginning of October 2011 the Association ZOJA signed a contract for the project 'Global Sustainable Youth'. The project started on 1 November 2011 and lasted until 30 October 2012. The project involved six partners. Next to the leading partner Association ZOJA, the partners from Malta, Turkey, China, Cambodia and the Philippines were working on the project.

Between April and July 2006 Association for Ecological and Leisure Activities ZOJA a project entitled "Informing the population about the potential savings of thermal energy”.

The aim of the project was to inform users about more effective use of thermal energy and to inform them about the possibilities of introducing individual measurement of heat energy. In the project there were presented the advantages and the nature of such methods of calculation, possible technological solutions and the estimated investment costs.

TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION hub for environmental and energy technologies and sustainable development

energy hub logo"Technological innovation hub for environmental and energy technologies and sustainable development - EnergyHub" is the consortium that tries to influence more efficient energy use, to introduce of new sources of energy and reduce the impact on the environment. We want, together with other partners, to build a strategic partnership to generate clean energy, energy efficiency and reduce emissions.

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In April 2008 the Association for Ecological and leisure activities ZOJA registered on the program of the Financial Mechanism EGP and the Norwegian Financial Mechanism. The result of a successful application is the project 'Sustainable Energy at schools' which is carried out by the association in collaboration with three partners. These are the companies Elektro Ljubljana d.d., the Society Povod and the Local Energy Agency for Pomurje.